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Anastasia Shattner: 

As an educational leader for over 25 years, Anastasia began her journey as a teacher and has held increasingly responsible roles in education in and around the Bay Area. As a former Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum and Instruction, Anastasia was responsible for the education of over 12,000 students and the professional development and support for 400 teachers, 40 administrators and 45 counselors, most of which included schools that represented underserved populations. In 2009, Anastasia received Sonoma County Administrator of the Year Award.


Prior to her Assistant Superintendency, Anastasia served in the role of Director of Management Information and Student Testing Services, Director of Implementation and Support, Principal, Assistant Principal, Teacher and School Counselor. In addition, Anastasia was also a Commissioner with the Sonoma Juvenile Justice Commission and provided oversight for programs serving children who were in the delinquency and/or dependency systems in Sonoma County.


Most recently, Anastasia served (and will continue through June 27th) as Principal of Tenderloin Community School, and English Plus Pathway Program in San Francisco Unified School District with an attached preschool where she administered supportive academic and behavioral programs for children, primarily English Language Learners living in high-poverty and high-trauma situations. It is here where she received the 2016-2017 San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee’s Principal of the Year Award!


Having received her Bachelor of Arts in Clinical Psychology from San Francisco State University, a Master of Science in Education/Educational Leadership from California State University, Hayward and her Administrative Services Credential from St. Mary’s College, Moraga and coupling that with her decades of teaching and educational leadership experience, Anastasia has the educational vision and leadership to build upon the successes already created at TECA and continue to advance the school’s primary objectives.


When offered the position of Superintendent/Executive Director, Anastasia writes “It is a great honor to be selected as the Superintendent / Executive Director of the Thomas Edison Charter Academy. I am deeply inspired by the mission, vision and philosophy of the school and TECA's North Star declarations reflect

My beliefs regarding what is sacred about learning and what must be valued, nurtured and protected for our children and our larger community of learners and leaders. Your unique program is balanced and maintains academic rigor while providing the needed supports to help students meet goals, and in its very foundation honors the importance of infusing Arts into everyday school experiences to support the whole child.


I believe that the evolution of TECA is a direct result of this school family's work, build on the hard labor of the teachers and staff, and I consider them to be the everyday heroes that created a non-profit charter that offers a vital and different learning option for the parents and students in San Francisco.This evolution speaks of grit, commitment, creativity and collaboration and I am truly inspired by it. I am eager to learn more about the faculty and staff’s stories and experiences, and to deeply understand all of the facets of the school and program. I understand the importance of publicly sharing the successes that have resulted in positive outcomes for all stakeholders in the TECA organization while chartering a path towards greater sustainability that will foster continued, long-term success. Their work is supported by an informed and enthusiastic Board of Directors.


I am excited to thank them for their diligence in creating a 21st Century learning environment, a nurturing and inclusive atmosphere, and a bilingual program. As a proud Greek-American, I am an individual who was raised speaking and studying two languages, and have personal knowledge of the role languages have in opening us up to the world. I am ready and thrilled to be joining the TECA team.


In partnership, Anastasia Shattner

Superintendent/Executive Director

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee's, Principal of the Year”